Bodegas Ontañón Familia

Av. Aragón, 3, 26006 Logroño, La Rioja
Tel. +34 941 234200
Fax. +34 942 270482
Twitter: @ontanonbodegas
Instagram: @bodegasontanon


Bodegas Ontañón was founded more than 25 years ago with a family own winery philosophy, respectful of the territory and the indigenous Rioja varieties that endures and is strengthened with each vintage. ´The vineyards are one of our fundamental pillars, and we currently cultivate some 250 hectares with the essential grape varieties of our appellation in the Sierra de Yerga area, both on the Alfaro side and in the Cidacos Valley, in Quel, which is where our family origins lie´ explains Raquel Pérez Cuevas, winemaker.

Her parents, Gabriel and Mari Luz, inherited the vineyards from their ancestors' lands on the high slopes of the Sierra de Yerga in Rioja Oriental. When Gabriel took over in the early 1980´s he began to make his own wine. Together with his father, Goyo, he was determined to create a wine that embodied the Quel region, where his family had deep roots and where he was convinced that great quality wines are born. And since then, Ontañón has been committed to the vineyards of these unique terroirs, defining the soul and style of the winery.

Bodegas Ontañón transmits, vintage after vintage, the enthusiasm for the art of good work, with the dedication that a new living being demands after each harvest and deserves until it becomes an adult, says Raquel, who also says that Ontañón is not just a winery, but a whole philosophy. It is years of work and enthusiasm, both in the vineyards, which are our pillars, and in the combination of wine and art. We understand winemaking as a craft that takes us back to the origins of the Mediterranean civilisation.

The La Pasada vineyard, located in the highest part of the Sierra de Yerga, and planted by Gabriel and Mari Luz, is the origin of the great wines of Ontañón. The Tempranillo planted almost forty years ago defines an emblematic vineyard that is essential to understand the wines of this family. The winemaking is carried out in Aldeanueva de Ebro, in a state-of-the-art winery equipped with the latest technology for the production of the best Rioja wines.

All this work comes from the hand of Rubén, head of viticulture and oenology, who together with his sisters Leticia (vineyards) and María (finance), form the fourth generation of a family that started buying vineyards in the seventies with the idea of making the wine they had been looking for for years. "We show what we are and what we feel because we want those who visit us to be ambassadors of our winery and that is exactly what we try to do with our wines", explains Raquel.

Bodegas Ontañón is emblematic in Rioja and more than 25 years ago founded its headquarters in Logroño, a space where the world of wine goes hand in hand with art in a succession of sensations that have to do both with the sensitivity of the late artist Miguel Ángel Sáinz (Riojano Ilustre 2004), as well as his happy encounter with Gabriel Pérez, owner of the bodega and a pioneer in the idea of uniting wine and art in such a special way that the works of this sculptor/painter/designer and architect are radically fused in a sacred space - the bodega - where wine rests close to mythological and imaginary beings.

The winery itself is set up like a real museum and the bottles and barrels share the same space with the works of art with a naturalness that captivates visitors from the very first moment. The singularity also lies in the fact that classical mythology is the backbone of most of the works on display. Pairings, gastronomy and beauty.

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