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In 1968 a family business with Riojan roots decided to return to its origins by founding Bodegas Alavesas at the foot of the wall of Laguardia, a medieval town in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa. Years later, they decided to extend the winemaking business to new appellations and set up in the Ribera del Duero. With the creation of Bodegas Durón, the Solar de Samaniego Group became one of the first Rioja wine producers to establish themselves in this region. Our cellars Location of the wine cellars The Solar de Samaniego Group has its own wine cellars and vineyards in two of the most prestigious designations of origin in Spain: in the DOCa Rioja Bodegas Alavesas has over 90 hectares of vineyards planted with the typical varieties of the zone, such as Tempranillo and Graciano. Bodegas Alavesas There are two basic ingredients which came together to give rise to the creation of Bodegas Alavesas: On the one hand, the art and loving care of the men who made its wines in the old, traditional way. Years and years of knowledge and passion passed down from generation to generation, devoted heart and soul to the patient, miraculous craft of converting the unmatchable grapes of their soil into a wine capable of leaving wine tasters from all over the world spellbound. On the other, the long cherished idea in the heart of a family group of recovering their Riojan roots by applying their business know-how in order to make their wines known and appreciated far away from the small historical town in which they had been made. The Solar de Samaniego Name Villalba, Carranavaridas, Rioseco, Musco, Valcavada… are just a few of the names of the magnificent vineyards which Bodegas Alavesas own around Laguardia, principally planted with Tempranillo grapes, although with several hectares of Graciano as well. Of all these estates perhaps the bodega’s best kept secret is “La Escobosa”, both because of its privileged location on the banks of the River Ebro and for its history, since in the 18th century it had been the property of the celebrated fabulist, Félix Mª Samaniego. It was just here, according to accounts of the time, where the writer spent a lot of his time and it must surely have been the inspiration for a good many of his fables (The Fox and the Grapes, The Cicada and the Ant, The Dairymaid). La Escobosa is undoubtedly one of the most unique spots in the whole of the Rioja Alavesa and it is precisely this fact that led to Bodegas Alavesas, over 35 years ago now, to name its first wine Solar de Samaniego”. One of the most characteristic features of Bodegas Alavesas is its typical 1970s dimension. The wine cellar has: Winemaking capacity for 2,000,000 kilos of grapes Cask ageing cellar for 1,125,000 litres. Bottle ageing cellar for 1,300,000 bottles.


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